Server closing down :(

The server will be closed until I am less busy and have more free time to run it.
Firstly, running a Minecraft server requires too much maintainence, and without duncan to help with the updates and whatnot, its a torture fixing up bugs.

Secondly, I have gotten much more busy since I’ve started running the server and can’t be on the server moderating it all the time. Hire more staff? This is a cracked server. Most people who join this kind of servers are usually hackers who want the server to be destroyed. If I were to accidentally hire someone who wants the server down(which happened MANY times), I would have to restart over, or like the latest incident, keep finding a way to get rid of them.(which requires even more time)

Thirdly, since Mojang started up their new copyright bullshit, stating that I am not allowed to sell items, all of our hard effort is gone to waste. Setting up GarCoin to sell Guns, which are by the way, NOT Mojang’s property, ended up being a waste of time and effort. And if I were to continue running the server, I will need donations, and who would donate to a server, if all they gain from it is a bunch of cosmetic stuff? Noone. And also, if I were to follow their new rules, it would require me to do all the plugins and configuration ALL OVER again, which also brings me back to my second point, where I don’t have enough time to do all those configuration.

Forthly, I’ve been running the server for 3 years, and I had many major downfalls, like GarTF and getting DDoS’d. Its been up for a long enough time, and its a pretty big achievement to have run a server with an average of 30+ players online. Its been a good 3 years.

I may not be closing it down forever, and I might sell the server ip and files to someone else if they wanted it, so don’t think of this as the end to GarCraft, think of this as a new beginning.

P.S, I will be moving to a different kind of gameserver, one that requires MUCH less maintainence, maybe a real Team Fortress 2 or Garry’s Mod server?

Server 8 hour downtime.

Sorry for the downtime, we were fixing up holes in our security, and apparently, the previous hacking incident happened due to some bug’s in duncan’s plugin, GarLogin. This caused the hackers to be able to log in as our staff and grief. However, the damage was restored and prevented by Cow23 and Kaluf.

Thanks to this hacking incident, we now know the flaws of our security system and migrated over to a new Authentication plugin. We could only save a few names, as we had to manually enter a command for each of your 4000+ usernames, and only ended up saving a 100+ passwords. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


The hackers were:
spidermelon1356, US13, US14, lonlywolfxCN, and a few more other scumbags who opped whoever joined the server.


Update on the hacker situation.

For many of you know that yesterday someone hacked into several account and changed the passwords to staff, We are currently progressing to fix the problem and the server will be back up within a few hours, Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hacked by force op.

Apparently, our most recent donors spidermelon1356 and lonlywolfxCN were using a Force-Op hack on the server, and caused massive damage, but at the same time helped keep the server running. xD Which is kinda stupid anyway, for hacking they will be permanently banned and unable to enjoy their donor perks. I will be rolling back the server by 3 days due to the damage caused by them. Sorry for the inconvenience. P.S We have fixed up all little holes in the op and security system so that this will not happen again.

Need $5 more

We just need one more person to donate for Coal rank by the end of this month, please help D: Donate here: BuyCraft or with other methods over here: Donate or In-Game with the command: /buy

Server may be closing down

If you guys haven’t seen the recent posts on Facebook, we haven’t been getting sufficient donations to run the server. The payment invoice expires tomorrow, and from then on, the server will be suspended, or may even be terminated. Don’t worry about that though, I have kept many backups with me and if we get enough donations, we could continue running the server. I recently received a $50 donation from a steam card code, but I am unable to validate it. I’m currently awaiting the donor’s reply, and if it is validate properly, I could continue running the server. Please support the server by donating, a single donation can’t run the server forever.

Crash testing.

Server will be whitelisted for 1 day to test if plugins have been causing the crashes we have been getting.


1. First test – Pure spigot without plugins – Success!

2. Second test – Factions’s Library – Pending.

Updated all plugins

Updated all plugins in hope for no more crashes D:

50% Discount for GarCoin

We are currently having an offer for Satchel of GarCoin! The package would be sold 50% off for only $2.50! This offer ends on 15 June 2014. Buy it now! 50% off Satchel of GarCoin

Comments enabled!

Enabled the comments :P Nothing much to say here.