Kaluf AKA NeonSpearer

Hey Kaluf, or Neon, if you found that someone registered your account and came here for help, please contact me on the Facebook Group, we need your help. I didn’t have the chance to get external contacts and somebody registered your account once we lost all passwords.
Facebook Group

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Server down

The server will be down for a few days due to some Faction related problems. After a reboot, all Faction claimed land data was lost, and we are currently trying to recover it. So far, none of our backups helped with restoring the  claimed land. We may have to reset the server if we do not find any possible way to recover it as all lands could be reclaimed by another faction, causing a lot more disaster adding on to the previous authentication problem.

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Auth Problems

There recently has been some problems regarding AuthMe that caused all account’s information to be completely purged from the server, and irrecoverable. The problem was caused since our new host did not allow us to have MySQL, and we had to use SQLite data to save the encrypted AuthMe information. Due to a glitch unfixed by its developer, all accounts were purged after every reboot, making you have to register again. However, we have finally fixed the problem by creating our own custom Auth plugin that also sets an IP lock for the staff to prevent future Staff accounts from being hacked.

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Goodbye SIMPLE248!

As of today, SIMPLE248, our beloved admin will not be joining us. All his hard work in GC will always be remembered.

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Updated Kits!

I have replaced all kits new players get and made it different from /kit free.

Kit free now includes a special Iron Sword with some Gun Ammo, and the newbie kit includes a revolver (upon next reboot)

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Screenshot Contest!

Screenshot contest! Take as many screenshots as you want and upload it here! Winner wins 50 GarCoin! Contest ends 1/4/14.

How to join:
Take a screenshot in GarCraft using the ‘F2′ or ‘Fn+F2′ for macs
Maybe Photoshop/GIMP it a little to look nice?
Post all entries in the comments section as picture comments in our Facebook group!

Winner will have their entry used for the server website and many other things too!

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Incoming guns!

So as all of you know, GarTF was a failure and we’re returning back with the old PvP Server. I’m really sorry, and I know it was a HUGE mistake to go pure TF2. It was a bad idea. A really bad one. So since we brought back the PvP gamemode, we realised that all our hard work on the TF2 guns would be all gone. Except, that we could actually use them in the PvP Server! All those textures and resource packs will be revamped together with their plugins and codes, cutting out the unnecessary Dispensers and Sentry Gun features, and keeping the guns for the Full Raid server. So in about 2 week’s time, expect there to be crafting recipes, donor guns  and much more based on TF2. In fact, I published this update a little too late since I’m 90% done with it.

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Reverting back to PVP

GarTF has been having a greatly reduced number of players as of the last few weeks.
As such, we are going to undergo some major changes in the hope that our server will regain its popularity that we had in the distant past.

Here is a list of the changes:

1. GarTF will be renamed to GarCraft
2. TF2 and its associated worlds/services/maps will be removed
3. Full map reset
4. Full money reset
5. ~NO~ donor reset (donors continue with their ranks)
6. Full Factions reset (ASDF still remains)
7. Resource pack reset (As of writing, we are not using a resource pack. The TF2 pack is not suitable at the moment.)
8. GarCraft will continue on as a PVP-only server, just like how it did last time when there was Spawn City, Wild warp, etc.
9. Christmas decorations will be replaced with NY/CNY decorations.


We would like to specially thank:

MCPoopster00 for his work on our texture pack that we are sadly not using now

Avenger and Cow23 for assisting in the re-building of the server

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PvP Update:

New features:

  1. Player heads on death
  2. Anti PvP Log
  3. Fixed Guns in PvP World
  4. Added /tpa and /home commands
  5. Created a new kit: free – Usable once a day
  6. Sandvich doesn’t work in PvP World anymore
  7. Different resource pack in the PvP world
  8. Warnings Plugin
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Vote update!

Updated votes to give money every vote instead of after 9 votes. Premium accounts get more rewards tho.


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